Hippopotamus Attacks Crocodile and Saves Gnu

My thanks to the wonderful Cindy Knoke for telling me about this rescue. It is truly astonishing!

The gnu, in the jaws of a crocodile, is struggling to cross the river. Death seems almost certain until a bloat of huge (usually aggressive) hippopotami circle the duo and take action. One hippo, whose maternal instinct must have taken over (assuming it’s female), lunges, mouth agape, for the crocodile. It chases it away and escorts the injured gnu safely to the opposite bank.

Amazingly, the hippo then waits by the bank, guarding the gnu against further attacks, and actually tries pushing it up the bank out of the water. 

The incredible event took place on the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. It took place three years ago, but has only just gone viral, giving everyone a chance to see it.

22 thoughts on “Hippopotamus Attacks Crocodile and Saves Gnu

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  2. There are so many things we still need to learn about the minds of our fellow creatures. This is very touching. Maternal instincts, as you say, Amelia, stoicism, friendship, alliances, bravery. Remember the friendship between the baby hippo washed ashore by a hurricane and the giant tortoise?. Hippos are highly intelligent and fearless creatures –who would have fancied that the mighty crocodile has a contender. Thank you and Cindy for sharing.

      • ‘Grumpy’ is being generous! I think hippos are responsible for more human deaths than crocodiles, and more than lions. They are some of the most aggressive and dangerous animals there are – contrary to the image we get from children’s toys and stories etc. (This individual was a real hero, though!)

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